Nicole, Cabramatta High.

If anyone were to ask me who I was and what my name was, my answer would never be the truth. I’m opinionated and unbearable, but then, I could also be the most considerate person you could meet. School is seldom my favourite thing in life, especially classes involving scientifical theory; talk about the human body or anything including medicine tends to bore me. Though if you ask me about english, I’d definitely praise my school. English means writing, and writing means expressing what I want. I have always imagined myself living in New York, it was always my dream. The Big Apple, NYU, I want it all. As I grew up, I always wanted to be the girl living it large in New York, walking the streets and gracing the footpaths. If I could look into the future, I would love to be anywhere but here and be anyone other than who I am now. I want to travel with my best friend, go hiking in India, photograph Cambodia, shopping in California and singing wherever. This is me, take me as I am, or not at all.

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Hello world!

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